Terrazzo tiles in Australia have a tremendous advantage over other kinds of tiles, including ceramic tiles. This reason is the main point of this article from start to finish for architects, home builders, and designers. Similarly, the ceramic tiles are tremendously helpful, too, in many ways, which is why we may have to discuss the similarities between the two items. Afterward, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both classes of tiles. You can take note of the information in this article to guide your decision in the following projects. 

So, what are the possible similarities between ceramic tiles and terrazzo tiles? Both tiles are helpful for both interior and exterior parts of the house. In addition, you can use both types for walls, floors, and other areas of the house. However, note that tiles on the floor can be slippery and good caution is to avoid having wet tiles. 

The differences between Ceramic Tiles and Terrazzo tiles


Ceramic tiles are way cheaper than terrazzo tiles. For instance, the former can cost about 2 USD per square foot. On the other hand, terrazzo tiles can cost up to 10 USD and above. So, when comparing the two types of tiles under budgeting and pricing, the ceramic tiles win the vote here. However, before we can finalize the two types of tiles, let us consider the other items. 

Method of Installation

The ceramic tile installation method, especially for the floor, is straightforward to install when you compare it to terrazzo tiles. On the one hand, terrazzo tiles require a team of experts to construct the tiles on-site (in-situ). This process is not easy for an amateur, unlike ceramic tiles that can be easily fixed as a DIY skill. Furthermore, the terrazzo tiles run on different kinds of finishes that help to polish up the quality of the terrazzo slabs, floorings, and skirts. No doubt, it is one of the reasons why the cost of the item may increase. 

The winner of this item is the ceramic tiles, which are way more accessible than the other ones. However, if you have enough skill to install the latter, you may not need an expert. Conversely, you need the secure the services of a professional installer to help. In other words, if you choose to do it yourself, ceramic is more accessible. Still, if you can afford an installer’s service, terrazzo tiles are the choice. 

The Design 

Now, this point is where terrazzo tiles become king. Ceramic tiles can be very predictable when it comes to design. At the same time, terrazzo tiles come with natural beauty and diversity. You may use simple or complex tiles, square or geometric designs. While ceramic styles of the tiles can be static, terrazzo tiles allow users to customize into the form they desire. This flexibility and innovation of terrazzo tiles make them a better choice than ceramic in this case. 

Terrazzo also allows for in-situ production, producing on the site with all the materials on the ground. Meanwhile, it is not difficult to see the available options with terrazzo and in many items that the designs can fit. Also, it comes with such diversity and variety that a plain background may be all that you need. A home builder can also enhance the unique artistic effects, which ceramics do not have. 


Both the ceramic and terrazzo tiles are durable for use and can last for a reasonable period. However, ceramics cannot hold such a heavyweight as much as the terrazzo tiles. On the other hand, terrazzo tiles are more durable and will not easily crack when a heavy object drops on them. But when you drop the same thing on ceramics, it may break or totally damage. Similarly, on natural ground, the movement of tree roots can even cause ceramics on the soil to break.

Furthermore, terrazzo tiles are much more challenging, whether cement, marble stones, or resin base. Terrazzo may even be more suitable for outdoor because of the external weather elements that it is exposed to. Remember that the weather factors may include extreme heat, cold, rain, or sunlight. Terrazzo tiles win the battle of durability, which can make up for the initial amount of installation that can eventually be worthwhile. 

Maintenance and upkeep

Apart from the initial investment to purchase and install either terrazzo tiles or ceramic tiles, another factor is maintenance. In other words, you still need to begin to consider what it takes to maintain any of the two classes of tiles. For instance, if you have water and mop, can it be enough to clean your ceramic tiles or terrazzo tiles? However, when these tools are targeted at ceramics tiles, the disadvantage is that they will still produce grout.

By the way, grout is a mortar or paste that can fill up crevices and gaps between floors or walls. This case can only occur with ceramics and not for terrazzo tiles that are done perfectly. Meanwhile, the stain that appears with ceramics can also attract other stains, making it harder to maintain and clean up. On the other hand, terrazzo tiles are smoother and hardly get stained. Similarly, it will help you save a lot of manpower, which makes it better than ceramics. 


The differences between these two sets of tiles can also be comprehensive, especially if you get to make the final decision. This choice can also be compassionate as long as you consider the factors discussed in this article. Besides, money or investment can be a decisive factor. So, if you are a bit low on budget and like to stick to the standard square designs, ceramic tiles may be enough. If you can afford initial funds, kindly choose terrazzo tiles instead. Also, note that the initial budget is one thing. However, the cost of maintenance that comes after is cheaper in the long run. In other words, terrazzo may appear expensive initially. Still, when you consider the length of time it can last you too, then it may not be a wrong choice after all.