Not many people can deny the effect of the Italian culture with terrazzo tiles. In fact, many people often assume that the Italian Botticino and the accompanying marble have their spell on the urban home interior and exterior designs. However, the plans are seen at home for domestic beauty; they permeate official and public and commercial places such as schools, hospitals, and airports. So, are terrazzo tiles acceptable in Australia? Yes. Do we see them in other areas of the world? Yes! Click here to know more about Terrazzo tiles designs.

Obviously, right from our grandparents’ kitchen to elementary school buildings, we see many nicely colored chips cast into stone or concrete. In addition, we now know the particles of terrazzo tiles contain items like granite, quartz, marble, and other scraps. Also, there are two standard bases, a concrete or epoxy resin, that is later smoothened to create an even surface. Then, they are polished to further enhance their shiny looks. 

Why choose Terrazzo tiles?

Considering the beauty that terrazzo gives in the design of a building, from walls to floors and tabletops, it is a material worth considering. Terrazzo is also very flexible, whether as ready-made tiles or produced in-situ through a hydraulic pressing method or precast. Meanwhile, the other process that involves hydraulic pressing has just become popular due to the development in technology. This composite material also has superior quality when compared with others. 

What can we say of the non-porous nature and the low-maintenance requirement after installation? Unlike many household materials that cost a lot to install, you spend extra on maintaining them. With terrazzo tiles as a composite material for your home, you can depend on its versatility to sustain your house, as seen through several centuries of history. At least, you know that history shows that terrazzo was in use in Venice, Italy, back in the 1400s. 

New Ways of Using Terrazzo Creatively at Home

Two Pretty Stools

You can make terrazzo materials into stools, just as a Danish designer, Jacob Egeberg, has tried. He made a stool of terrazzo with such a creative design that appears both funky and functional. The tool can be connected using metal, steel, glass, or wooden frame.

Table Goodness

We all have extraordinary times that are inundated with wooden, plastic, glass, or terracotta coasters. These materials stand out anywhere you see them to always give a unique feeling. More so, concrete and or resin terrazzo chips can accrue in up to 6 inches coaters. At the same time, it releases a contemporary vibe together with a useable cork base. Similarly, you can enhance the waterproof quality by layering with beeswax. 

Almost real terrazzo items

Other items are created into terrazzo-lookalike, Parian, or porcelain fashioned into attractive products. At the same time, the items such as vases are simply products of professional ceramists who love to create beautiful outfits. Sevak Zargarian was one of these artists who created these unique objects for keeping flowers in his home and garden studio. So you can as well try out some of these items.

Eco Terrazzo

The Eco Terrazzo is a beautifully appealing terrazzo or glass work in the shape of a lamp. This item is made out of discarded glass by the Dutch studio Super local when joined with the craftspeople of Zanzibar. The article was part of The Bottle Up project. You can also replicate the task to find hollow terrazzo pipes that fit well into the glass-like thing. When you do, you may have created an eco-lamp from a resourceful combination.

Mirror Terrazzo

The Mirror Terrazzo is a small piece of product that is actually custom-made terrazzo made from Grezzana, Northern Italy. Meanwhile, the product is from a well-known Danish design company, Lucie Kaas, as a non-reflexive mirror. As this stands, you can add a real mirror and place it on a new dresser. At the same time, you can place a small curio doll around it while the corner is ready to adopt the correct position.

Terrazzo shades of Purple

This item is a special one that may be somewhat difficult to crack, except you have an excellent graphic designer at your beck and call. For example, you may decide to use a purple color and related ones like lilac. On the other hand, you may employ different attractive colors to foster the design of the item. Meanwhile, it helps to enhance the creativity with artwork for your room. 

Terrazzo Wallpaper

No doubt, the terrazzo wallpaper is perhaps the cheapest way to enjoy the bliss that terrazzo brings to the table. Although it may not be designed for everybody but can work for those, who love speckles. The most crucial benefit of this flow is customizing the wallpaper to suit your unique needs. It also comes with different designs apart from the speckles. Terrazzo tiles can go in now Dalmatian dots or polka dots, but the choice is yours. 

Handcast marble chips

Another way to put terrazzo to creative use is to form hand-cast marble chips in stools in the house. These marble products can also be made of either cement with a set of three tavolins or a small table in Italian designs. Adding these items to the garden, the verandah, bedroom, or your living space spices things up in a particular way. Similarly, it works for both interior and exterior designs in a way that gives a chic feel on a table. 

Terrazzo Trio

The terrazzo trio is part of the exceptional beauty that can fit the home with cheese platters, tabletops, or a chopping board. You can also be more creative with the terrazzo trios for entertainment and a show or display of fun. The current design trends are going, a decorative plate may involve a potted button plant and similar items.


Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Boxes belong to another class of exceptional terrazzo products right from scratch. Using polymer clay can also have a lovely drawer with a gorgeous box to store sharp items. Some of the things may include pins, staples, needles, and other objects.