The Best Tasting Dark Chocolate for Self-Proclaimed Chocoholics

The Best Tasting Dark Chocolate for Self-Proclaimed Chocoholics

If I were ever in a support group, it would be for my chocolate addiction. I am a self-proclaimed, 100-percent confessed chocoholic. And the only cure I need is a steady supply of the best dark chocolate to satisfy a mouthful of sweet teeth.

I know, from experience, there are others like me—those that would happily hook themselves up to a chocolate IV if the opportunity ever arose. Luckily for us, there are lots of awesome, oh-so scrumptious, gourmet dark chocolate options.

Read on for my opinion on what I believe to be the best three.

On a side note—all of these dark chocolates are super-great with a glass of ice-cold milk or glass of red wine. Yum!

Ghirardelli Chocolate Intense Dark Bar

One of the best chocolates brands worldwide, Ghirardelli have really outdone themselves with this super-intense dark chocolate bar—dubbed the Twilight Delight.

For sure delightful, the bar features 72-percent cacao, which signifies sweetness and richness with a twinge of nature-made, tongue-tingling bitterness.

The bars are thin and delicate for a savor-worthy experience. Plus, the chocolate is blended with other flavors to bring out a subtle but sophisticated undertone, like blackberries, cherries, and smooth mocha.

Dove Silky Smooth Dark Chocolate Singles Bar

Silky is such an awesome word. It glides off the tongue in the same way this chocolate melts across your taste buds.

Dove is a favorite of mine in all flavors, but dark chocolate is the absolute best.

Each bar [this box contains 18 bars] is sectioned into breakable pieces—perfect for a selfish savor or a selfless share. Your choice.

Throw in a sunset, a rocking chair on a southern porch, and a glass of ice-cold lemonade—perfection.

Endangered Species Panther Natural Dark Chocolate Bar

These dark chocolate bars come in a 12-pack with a stunning picture of a panther on the front. Or at least the panther’s intense, gorgeous eyes.

Gluten-free and organic, this bar contains a mix of cocoa beans with a dark percentage of 88.

Delicious would be the best word to describe each bar, but amazing would be the word to describe the Endangered Species organization. 10 percent of all proceeds go to the conservation of the animals featured on the chocolate bars. In this case, 10 percent of the purchase price goes to panther preservation when you buy a single bar of this chocolate.

Yummy for a good cause.

Note from the Author on the “Best of” Dark Chocolate Bars

The picks above come from a couple of factors – popularity and ratings.  While I have here-and-there inserted my own personal comments on each, I still let the “masses” (i.e., the general public) decide on which were the best.

However – everyone is different, even among us dark chocolate lovers.  If you have a difference in preference than the short-list above, you should check here at the selection of top-rated dark chocolate bars and candies at Amazon Grocery – it is the best overall selection and in general the best prices I have found.

3 Best Dark Chocolates for 2017

Below is a video that is kind of fun and easy (and fast) to watch – more tips on which dark chocolates folks are loving the most these days. 🙂