The Best Italian Dark Roast K-Cup Coffees to Stoke the Flames of Your Energies

The Best Italian Dark Roast K-Cup Coffees to Stoke the Flames of Your Energies

Best Italian Dark Roast Coffee – K-Cups!

One of my first-ever jobs when I was a teen was in a coffee shop. I remember working at 5am on Black Friday, with a line of eager, shopping-bound people out the door. It was quite an experience.

But I discovered from that job that coffee is an essential for a huge percentage of people. Mostly because coffee provides a natural energy boost that is a must-have if you plan on getting through a particularly long day.

With that said, everyone has their own preference as to what kind of coffee is the best. I personally love a dark roast because of the intense flavors, especially when I can fresh-brew my own at home. With that in mind, the following among the best dark roast coffees are notable for being rich, flavorful, and perfect for stoking the proverbial flames of your energies.

Tuscany Italian Espresso K-Cup Coffee

Tuscany Italian Espresso Coffee is some of the best and most flavorful coffee in the world. Or, maybe I am biased because I think it is absolutely delicious.

The single-serve K-Cups are convenient and compact in a 30 count, which provides you with 30 cups of grab-and-go coffee. Yum-o to the extreme.

Flavor-wise, I imagine this coffee would actually be what you would find in Italy, which is somewhere I have always wanted to go.

The flavors are balanced between rich sweetness and subtle bitterness, with a kick of natural caffeine that jolts your taste buds and tingles your jaw.

For coffee drinkers that appreciate boldness, for sure.

Barista Prima Dark Roast Extra Bold K-Cup Coffee

The Barista Prima Dark Roast Extra Bold Coffee is a delight in a little, convenient K-Cup. These come in a 96-count—which is 96 8-ounce cups of smooth, bold flavors and mega caffeine hits.

This coffee is full-bodied and heavy with a richness that comes through in earthy overtones, like soil and nuts. You can also taste hints of wild berries and a dusting of dark cocoa.

In a word? Scrumptious.

Plus, the Italian roast is the most fragrant to wake you up in a pleasant way.

Tully’s Italian Dark Roast K-Cup Coffee

Tully’s Coffee Italian Dark Roast is available in a 72 count of yummy, velvety 8-ounce servings. These K-Cups are the epitome of convenience, especially when you set your automatic coffee maker to fresh-brew your morning batch while you still sleep.

The rich, bold scent is sure to be a fantastic wake-up call.

Flavor-wise, this coffee is earthy, but with a light, subtle spice that comes from slow-roasted Arabica beans.

Final Note from the Author on Italian Dark Roast K-Cups

For those of us coffee lovers who love deep, rich, dark coffee in the morning – and don’t want to have to fumble around with making it with eyes half-open-half-closed, it is certainly good to know that there is Italian dark roast coffee in the form of k-cups at the ready.  It adds a simpler, tastier experience to waking up in the morning.

The above picks come highly recommended, and while I have tried (and loved) others, those are the ones that are at the top of my recommendation list.

Top 3 Dark Roast Coffees – Short List “Best of” Video for 2017

Additional resource on dark roast coffees – if you’re wanting to expand your horizons a bit beyond the realm of this article, check out the short video below:

Best Italian Dark Roast K Cup Coffees

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