The Best Gourmet Milk Chocolate Bars to Satisfy a Chocoholic’s Hardcore Cravings

The Best Gourmet Milk Chocolate Bars to Satisfy a Chocoholic’s Hardcore Cravings

Chocolate is one of those must-have indulgences—at least for me. Some of the best milk chocolate bars I have ever encountered have blurred the lines between WANT and NEED.

So if you, like me, are obsessed with chocolate to the point of being a self-proclaimed chocoholic, read up on the following gourmet milk chocolate bars because they are some of the best of the best. They will kick your hardcore chocolate cravings right in the sweet tooth, while pairing well with other dessert must-haves, like gourmet coffee or a good glass of red wine.

Dove Milk Chocolate Bar


The Dove milk chocolate bar comes in several sizes, such as the sharing size, which allows you and your friends to divvy up and munch on the same chocolate bar together.

However, you can be as selfish as you please. I would be…and often am when it comes to a scrumptious bar of Dove milk chocolate.

The chocolate is separated into convenient break-off cubes, so you can indulge and savor.

I love a big glass of ice-cold milk with this one. It really hits the spot as my go-to dessert a couple hours after dinner.

Chocolate-wise, it is smooth, velvety, and tastes like heaven sliding across your tongue.

Godiva Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel Bar


Godiva is the kind of chocolate brand that beginner chocolatiers dream of becoming. These chocolate gods have packed a punch of several different flavors into a selection of smooth, creamy milk chocolate bars.

Salted caramel is a big favorite—certainly one of mine, but dark almond and blood orange are scrumptious too.

Broken into share-easy tabs, there are 10 chocolate bars in a bunch—so, you get 10 optimum opportunities to indulge.

These make great gifts because you can simply wrap a bow around the bar and hand them out to your fellow chocolate lovers.

Lindt Milk Chocolate Bars


Lindt milk chocolate bars are amazing because they are ranked in cocoa percentages and creaminess. These are extra creamy, and a bunch contains 12 chocolate bars—each 3.5 ounces and absolutely divine in taste, texture, and chocolaty fragrance.

Handcrafted from the finest ingredients, these chocolates are some of the creamiest and most indulgent that I have ever tasted. Their glide is smooth and rich, which pairs oh-so well with your favorite wines.

This chocolate has more than the usual cocoa flavors. You will also taste hints of vanilla, honey, rich soils, and red grapes.

Last Words on the Best Milk Chocolate Bars

The above three milk chocolate candy bars are tried, true and trusted – ones that have stood the test of time. There are, however, other brands and types – you might be rather surprised when it comes to the different approaches in which chocolate is made. One certainly does not equal another – there are variations you might want to consider including organic milk chocolate that might also strike your fancy!

This Year’s 3 Best Milk Chocolate Bars

Want to find out which milk chocolate bars are considered the best by popular demand and consumer ratings? Here is a short-list video that lines them out…

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