The Best Dried Coconut Chips for Your Smoothies and Nutritious Snacks

The Best Dried Coconut Chips for Your Smoothies and Nutritious Snacks

Top 3 Dried Coconut Chips to Buy

This year has proven fruitful in heaps of awesome information about organic, wholesome ingredients, like dried coconut chips. I have a mega sweet tooth and a definite love for simple carbs, but these kinds of healthy ingredients and add-ons help me curb my food addictions. With that said, dried coconut chips are fantastic add-ins to smoothies, trail mixes, oatmeals, and cereals. Or, you could eat them like classic chips—one at a time with a satisfying crunch. So, without further explanation, here is some cool information for some of the best coconut chips on the market today.

Bare Natural Coconut Chips

These dried coconut chips are scrumptious snacks that are kind of like classic potato chips, but healthier and more fun to munch. They have a natural crunch that satisfies your need to “nom” without sacrificing nutrition or calories.

Plus, coconut chips are allergen-friendly, like gluten-free, vegan, and organic.

Bare Natural takes their dried coconut chips a step further with a variety pack of four flavors, from original toasted, to chocolate, honey, and sweet heat.

The infused flavors are bold and delicious, but also nutritious with no preservatives or fake stuff.

Terrasoul Superfoods Raw Coconut Chips

Raw coconut chips are said to be loaded with nutrients to help strengthen your immune system, bolster your body’s antioxidants, and rev up your metabolism. In other words, only good things come from munching on dried coconut chips.

These are natural and scrumptious, with a raw, unsweetened flavor that is classic to a fresh-opened, whole coconut.

I love throwing these on top of fruity Greek yogurt. They pump up the flavors and make me think of a tropical paradise somewhere.

A 12-ounce pouch lasts around 2 weeks if you use it for light, quick, nutrient-rich flavor boosts and between-meal snacks.

Trader Joe’s Roasted Coconut Chips

The great thing about dried coconut chips is their preparation. You can toast, roast, bake, or leave them raw, and they pack a nutrient punch in every form.

These coconut chips, from Trader Joe’s, are roasted, which seals in their naturally high Vitamin E content. Hint of cane sugar and salt were added after the roast, so each coconut chip is little more satisfying to your sweet tooth and taste buds.

It’s the perfect combination of sweet and salty—kinda like M&Ms and popcorn, but way healthier for your body and teeth.

Trader Joe's Roasted Coconut Chips (4 Pack)
List Price: $15.99
Price: $15.99
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Note from the Author on Coconut Chips and Other Uses for Coconut

You probably are aware of the fact that today there are quite a number of uses for coconut.  For example, coconut oil for cooking, drinking coconut water for health as well as other purposes for food preparation, health and beauty.

Just recently has this trend of coconut chips really caught on – I am seeing special sections with coconut chips on display in grocery and drug stores, as well as the word spreading in the online world of healthy snackers.

The reason?  Of course – they are delicious!  (I speak from experience here.)  And they have so many nutritional benefits that they are not easily counted.  What’s on this page is the “best of” the dried variety, and I have high hopes that you would love any and all of them.

2017’s Top 3 Coconut Chips

Of all the coconut chips available, here is a video that gives a short-list of the best this year.

Which are the best dried coconut chip snacks to buy?  Here are three of the top picks this year.

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