The Best Chocolate Gifts for Christmas of 2017

The Best Chocolate Gifts for Christmas of 2017

As weird as it sounds, Christmas is right around the corner. I know, I know—it feels like 2017 just got started, but this year has flown by and your loved ones deserve something awesome under the tree.

I, personally, love getting a big box of chocolates for Christmas. Which is usually gone by New Year (tee-hee).

So, with that in mind, the following article is all about the best chocolate gifts that you can give your chocoholic loved one this Christmas. Try not to drool on your keyboard (wink).

Classic Tower of Chocolate Gift Set from Harry & David


The Classic Tower of Chocolate Gift Set from Harry & David is a spire of decadence for serious chocolate lovers.

There are three versions of this chocolate tower, each bigger and more indulgent than the last. From chocolate-covered cherries, to gourmet popcorn drizzled with dark chocolate, to scrumptious chocolate truffles, and classic malt balls dipped in…you guessed it…milk chocolate. Yum to the extreme.

There are 2 pounds of handcrafted sweets in the smallest option. Which is more than perfect for sharing…or keeping for yourself.

Tower of Chocolates® Gift | Chocolate Gifts | Harry & David

Order the Tower of Chocolates Gift from Harry & David. For more than 80 years, we've delivered expertly crafted delight.

Godiva Dark Chocolate Lovers’ Gift Box


My absolute favorite chocolate gift on the list—the Dark Chocolate Lovers Gift Box is decked out with indulgent dark chocolate treats from Godiva. While usually an expensive brand where everything is handcrafted, this gift box is quite a bargain with several of the Godiva signature sweets that hardcore chocolate lovers adore.

Plus, the gift-wrapped box is beautiful in classic gold and chocolatey brown, like a promise of the sweetness that awaits within.

On the interior, chocolate lovers can expect a 16-piece array of dark chocolates, a 12-piece plethora of handcrafted Godiva truffles, and lots more.

The truffles are fan favorites, as each one is filled with aromatic flavors, such as toasted coconut, caramelized almonds, and midnight dark ganache.

Dark Chocolate Lovers Gift Box | GODIVA

Dare to go dark with this Dark Chocolate Lover’s Gift Box.

Barnett’s Sweet Creations – Gourmet Hand-Crafted Chocolate Coated Sandwich Cookies


This Elegant Holiday Gift Box is convenient indulgence with classic Oreos.

The cookies are coated in dark, milk, and white chocolates, then finished with toppings, like peanuts, almonds, dried cherries, chocolate shavings, and chocolate drizzles.

It all comes in a neat-o, classic chocolate box, topped with a golden bow. There are 20 cookies in a box, making it the perfect share-around gift.

These are certified kosher and decadent, with a luscious richness that is unmatched in typical chocolate gift boxes. It’s like a combination of your favorite things—Oreo cookies and thick, fudgy layers of chocolate.

These are the ideal after-dinner dessert with an ice-cold glass of milk.

Barnett’s Sweet Creations | Gourmet Hand-Crafted Chocolate Coated Sandwich Cookies | 12 Chocolate Covered Sandwich Cookies in 12 Delicious Flavors | in Elegantly Wrapped Gift Basket

We are an artisan bake shoppe priding ourselves in making delectable giftboxes that taste as good as they look! Present an elegant gift that is sure to please all. Whether you’re conveying a gesture of gratitude, sharing a thoughtful wish of remembeance, or simply treating your own deserving pale…

More on the Best Chocolate Gifts from the Author

Yes, there are some lovely picks in chocolate gifts on this page – in fact, they will very likely be great choices for far beyond the Christmas season of 2017 – but if you’re visiting this page beyond this time of year, or beyond this year, I have a tip for you.

This page stays updated – yearly there will be updates to a top 5 list on which gifts of chocolate are some wonderful choices. Take a look at it – I think you will find a number of great options year after year. 🙂

Additional List – Short Video List of this year’s (2017) Top 3 Chocolate Gifts

More great tips on chocolate gifts with the video below…

3 Best Chocolate Christmas Gifts of 2017

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