About Food That Says “Yum”

What is one thing that a majority of all of us have in common?  We LOVE good food.  Whether we are talking about healthy, “naughty,” or those extra-indulgent foods and drinks, we all have our passions and preferences.

Like the idea of eating healthy?  We include all kinds of information here on that subject – and we are also passionate about it – as a rule.  🙂

Like the idea of having something that might be considered – uh – not healthy (but excessively yummy)?  Well, we are including that here as well.

Who We Are

My name is Tonya – I am the owner and creator of Food That Says “Yum.”  I work with a number of other writers and internet seekers to find the “best of” information that many, many foodies would love.  Whether talking holiday foods, gifts, drinks — all yummily healthy or just plain yummy – we are right there with ya – we love the good stuff too.

Thank you for visiting this website, we are glad that you are here!  And, we hope that you find our information helpful to you in some way.

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